Galileo is the innovative self-directed online global school for 8-18-year-olds where students have the freedom to explore, learn, and excel at what interests them. They prepare for the future through exposure to entrepreneurship, technology, and global citizenship.

Galileo is an online, self-directed school, which means that students get to choose what they would like to learn and participate in. Families need to comply with the homeschooling laws of where they live, which might include enrolling in an umbrella school such as West River Academy (many Galileo families enroll here) in order to receive credits and transcripts for Galileo courses and experiences. Link to West River Academy:

Galileo is not an accredited school in and of itself at this time and we do not use any specific curriculums or "roadmaps".

We offer the following types of learning experiences: Bootcamp courses (these change monthly), weekly clubs, on-demand Nano courses and studios. In regards to the topics covered in bootcamps, Nanos, and clubs, we cover a wide range of interests and areas of study. For example, one month's bootcamps included: Stage Makeup, Shapes Animation, Intro to Adobe Photoshop, Game Development, Speak with Confidence, Dancing to the Beats of the World, and Democratic Decision Making.

Some of the Nanos (recorded courses that students can go through at their own pace) that we currently have include: How to Start your Own Business, Creativity with Coding, Make a Film, Design Thinking, How to Make Your Business Pitch, TinkerCAD Basics, Building an Online Side Hustle, Story Structure for Creatives, Stand Up Comedy, Confident Body Language for a Better Life, Mastering Stock Market Investing, Becoming a Minimalist, and Beginner Spanish. These can be seen here: We are adding to this list of course offerings monthly. We have a subscription plan that includes these Nano courses only.

We have many live club offerings currently, including: 3D Modeling, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Drama, Minecraft Education, Filmmaking, Animation, Creativity with Coding, Arts and Crafts, Anthropology, Global Citizen, History, Science, Advanced Math Club, Book Club, Debate, Music, Coding Club, and Virtual Reality. Some of our studios include: Readers theatre and the Galileo student magazine.

We also let students who have been with Galileo for at least a month start their own student-led clubs, so we have a robust list of those for students to explore.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, students meet in small-group check-in classes with Learning Coaches for a half hour and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students are invited to attend our "Agora" space, which is a Zoom meeting with several different interest-based breakout rooms. Students can hop around the different rooms or choose one to stay in. The event is 2 hours long, but it is not required to go the entire time. Everything with Galileo is inspirational and nothing is mandatory, as we like to say.

Monday-Friday, we offer an Academic Power Hour, which is an hour-long Zoom meeting with breakout rooms with Galileo facilitators: Math using Khan Academy and the Focus Pals room for students to work on projects or work of their choice with others present (similar to a study group).

On Fridays, there is a 2-hour long Presentation Showcase offering, which is a space where Galileo kids can present projects or topics of interest and watch others do the same. We also have a Meet Your Mentor Program which involves Galileo staff and outside individuals attending from time-to-time to present on their passions, interests, and careers.

Students also meet one-on-one with their Learning Coaches once every two weeks for 30 minutes. These meetings are for collaborating, goal-setting, project sharing, discussion, schedule planning, etc.

We also now offer 1:1 tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects for an additional cost.

Galileo is a wonderful global community and it can be taken with you anywhere you go in the world if your family intends to travel at any point.

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