No. While many online education products offer free trials, we are an online school rather than a product, and like other schools, students must enroll to begin learning with us. During the onboarding process prior to a financial commitment, we offer insights into our Daily Check-Ins and Clubs, including a compilation of actual check-ins to get a feel for Galileo and how we operate. We ask our families to start with our month-to-month tuition option while deciding if it is right for them and, at that point, they switch to our annual tuition rate.

Additionally, we choose not to offer free trials for security reasons and allowing unenrolled families access to our live sessions with our students and team. We also feel that free trials cause undue disruptions to our ongoing classes. Having students pop into their homeroom or check in classes for a few trial sessions is not ideal for the continuity of their learning environment and community building.

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