• Our clubs are approached differently than a traditional school class. Our learning sessions are very interactive and engaging. Our teachers act more like guides and mentors at times, partnering with the students to explore the subject further, and find their passion in the learning.

  • In clubs, our students are led through collaborative projects and engaging activities and they are encouraged to use tools and resources available to them. For example, in Spanish Club, the students will practice Spanish during the week on their own, normally using Duolingo or other recommended apps/programs, and then during club time, they will participate in group activities.

  • Some clubs are discussion-based, while others focus on building and developing skills.

  • Clubs meet once a week for 50 minutes and are ongoing. Students can join at any point during the year because there is no beginning and no end.

  • Club designers are available to assist students in creating goals and learning plans, both during the session and asynchronously through our direct messaging feature.

  • More info at Galileo Learning Experiences | Galileo (galileoxp.com).

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