Upon enrolling in Galileo, a member of our team works with you and your student to create a month-long learning plan, complete with short- and long-term goals for themselves. These monthly schedules are one way that Galileo students keep track of their progress, work, presentations, and projects. At the end of each month, students review their progress and goals and prepare the next month's schedule, including any repeat or new goals.

Each student has a dedicated folder on Google drive where all schedules, presentations, and other relevant documents are kept. You and your student have access to their Google Drive folder for both of you to use for accountability and tracking purposes. We encourage students to track their activities on daily basis to make sure they don't forget all that they have done!

Our students all have an on-line portfolio that we call our timeline! The timelines help students and family track activities at Galileo and other non-Galileo events or programs. The timeline is an expanding visual representation of their self-directed learning journey! This image is a snapshot of a timeline heading:

In addition, we recommend looking into the legal side to see what is needed for your geographic location specifically. We also have a partnership with West River Academy, a private umbrella school, that can assist in the creation of transcripts and documentation. If you are interested, please contact Galileo for an introduction to West River.

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