Whether or not your student chooses to attend higher education, self-directed education can help your student find their passion and build a career that will make them happy!

There is not a central data source for careers for SDE students, but by collecting data from a variety of sources, North Star, Sudbury Valley, etc. we can see some of the choices students have made.

After completing their self-directed education, students went on to become:

  • Entrepreneurs (By far, the most common choice!)

  • Creative Arts professionals

  • Technology professionals (i.e., software engineer, etc.)

  • Midwives

  • Mortuary Service professionals

  • Doctors

  • Lawyers

  • Bankers

  • Teachers and School Administrators

  • Realtors

  • Psychologists

  • Parents working in the home

  • Full-time students

Rather than being limited in their options, self-directed learners do very well in both post-secondary education and in their careers of choice!

Please see our higher education outcomes article for more information on university attendance after SDE childhoods.

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