If a student voluntarily reenters traditional schooling, it is still self-directed education because they are making that choice freely. The path to reintegration may not be straight, but it is very much possible. If your student has decided to return, then they should have an idea of what they are getting into and what work will be involved. If they are planning in advance or they decide they want to go back tomorrow, there may be a brief period where they need to align themselves with their peers in the classes. In some areas, they might have more advanced knowledge or mastery of certain topics but may not have reviewed others as thoroughly.

Reintegration may involve general studying (for example through Khan Academy) to join a geometry class that builds off previous learning from earlier grades or it could be specific studying (reviewing the first chapters of a textbook) for a time period history course where they class is partway through. Most public schools around the world are required to accept all students in their districts and work with the students to ensure a successful education; however, the support provided may look very different from place to place. Hopefully, the chosen school will have resources available!

A good place to check would be your country's or local educational standards to learn which topics are covered at which grade levels, which can give your learner an idea of where they need to strengthen their background knowledge. We also have a partnership with West River Academy, a private umbrella school, that can assist in the creation of transcripts and documentation. If you are interested, please contact Galileo for an introduction to West River.

One of the things that self-directed learners are great at is knowing how to learn! Those how to learn skills are critical for success and might mean they find traditional schooling easy! They will make it work!

With the motivation to change paths comes the motivation to succeed on that new path. Your student can succeed in both realms as a motivated self-directed learner! Anecdotally, we've heard that self-directed learners who return to traditional schools find it difficult because they don't find their peers as excited about learning as they are!

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